We spent the past year developing a comprehensive plan that will drive down GHG emissions related to natural gas by 50 percent in 2032 and 100 percent by 2050. We will achieve those ambitious goals by implementing a three-pronged approach:

  • Maximize Energy Efficiency. We have already run successful programs to improve efficiency for our customers. We will build on those efforts, continuing to empower customers to use energy more efficiently, and deploying new technologies like super-efficient appliances.
  • Infrastructure Enhancements. We will invest in a more efficient infrastructure and enhance our capability to meet the needs of a growing city. Through programs like PROJECTpipes, Washington Gas continues to modernize our infrastructure. These programs help us maintain a modern, safe and reliable energy delivery system and have the additional benefit of reducing GHG emissions.
  • Harness New and Emerging Fuel Sources. We will use our existing infrastructure to deliver gas – and introduce carbon free fuels such as renewable natural gas and hydrogen– to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This includes clean-certified gas, promising renewable technologies like biogas, and hydrogen energy that we believe are part of the solution in the years to come. We will leverage new and emerging technologies based on the best science and engineering available.