Natural gas plays an essential part of our energy mix and is the preferred method of heating and cooking for 165,000 District residents and businesses today. By harnessing natural gas in our low carbon energy mix, along with other carbon neutral sources like biogas and hydrogen, we can work towards our goal of 100 percent emissions reduction by 2050. The approach enables city residents to use existing infrastructure and keep using their appliances and equipment. Utilizing current and proposed new fuel supplies lower GHG emissions at the source, improve air quality, and contribute to our carbon-neutral future.

Our infrastructure is 99 percent reliable and, due to its underground nature, not nearly as vulnerable to interruption as other energy delivery systems that can fail during extreme weather events especially during the winter when heating becomes a matter of health and well-being. Maintaining a diverse energy portfolio—rather than relying on a single source—is key to preserving energy resilience for our city.