At WGL, we recognize the scientific consensus that human activity — primarily greenhouse gas emissions from industrialization and the conversion of land for forestry and development — is driving global climate change. Washington Gas has worked for years to reduce our carbon emissions from our fleet and facilities. Our accelerated pipeline replacement programs, PROJECTpipes in the District, that maintain and improve system integrity also have the ancillary benefit of reducing emissions because the new, modern pipes are made from materials that have lower emissions factors. We have also worked with customers across the region to implement energy efficiency programming. The Climate Business Plan is the next step in our efforts and also fulfills a commitment we made as part of the merger between AltaGas and Washington Gas in 2018 when we agreed to create a plan showing how we could evolve our business model to support the District’s 2050 climate goals.

Mayor Bowser and the D.C. Council passed historic legislation in 2019 committing the District to a low carbon future. The legislation is bold but achievable. Leading environmental experts have hailed the legislation as “historic” and “one of the strongest climate bills in the country.”

As the oldest utility serving the District for more than 170 years, we fully support the District’s goals to combat climate change and will do our part to achieve a low carbon future.

As the nation’s capital, the District is uniquely positioned to lead the way to a low carbon future. From 2006 to 2017, emissions associated with natural gas use in the District were reduced by 26.6 percent. We have spent the past year developing a comprehensive plan that will further reduce emissions to 50 percent in 2032 and 100 percent by 2050.